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Creating a Beautiful Bathroom

When you move into any new home, it can be tempting to spend all your time decorating the larger rooms and neglecting the smaller ones, including the bathroom. However, bathrooms present some unique opportunities for showing your decorating flair. Plus, smart design can help you make this smaller room quite spacious-feeling and functional. Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to start with a great base, like the bathrooms at Post House. Our apartments in Evansville, Indiana feature sleek amenities in the bathroom, like modern vanities, luxury vinyl plank flooring, and combination bathtubs/showers. No matter the size or features of your bathroom, here are some ways to make it comfortable and stylish.

Start with Color

A quick and easy way to make your bathroom feel automatically more spacious is to pick a limited color palette. That way everything blends gently, giving the room a soft and welcoming feel. Some ideal palettes include a seaside mix of soft blues, greens, and beige or warm neutrals in chocolate brown, tan, and cream.

Make It Tactile

A bathroom is the perfect place to play with textures. After all, who doesn’t want a soft, fluffy rug to step onto after a shower or bath? Take your textures to the next level by incorporating them in more than one way. Introduce texture through rugs, your shower curtain, hand towels, bath towels, and even storage containers like baskets. Textures are also a great way to make a limited palette more interesting.

A Cool Curtain

Your shower curtain is likely to be one of the largest decorative items in your bathroom. That makes it a huge opportunity for you to show your decorative flair. This would be an ideal place to introduce an interesting pattern or bold texture. It can also be your one big pop of color, making it a super low-maintenance focal point for the space.

Funky, Fun Storage

Sometimes a huge downside of a bathroom is limited storage space. Even if there is great storage built in, bathrooms tend to host a lot of products that you’ll want to use on a regular basis. Rather than lament the lack of cabinets, have some fun with alternative storage pieces. Some favorites include jars, baskets, and trays. Jars can be great because they come in either clear or opaque options to keep cute things visible and less appealing items invisible. Baskets are great for towel and washcloth storage. Trays are a great way to take underutilized space and make it functional. A narrow wooden tray will fit easily on the tank at the back of your toilet. Then you can dress it up or make it purely utilitarian. Another clever idea is to use vertical storage, like repurposing tiered hanging fruit baskets.

Other Creative Add-Ons

To make your bathroom really stand out, try one of these unique ideas. Create a gallery wall that features a series of favorite photos or a mashup of some fun art pieces. This is a great way to really bring in your personality to the space and make it more dynamic. If you like the idea of a bathroom oasis, try adding a little spa shelf to your bathroom by creating a tray somewhere to hold bath salts, bath bombs, special scrubs, and lotions. They even make fun shelves to span the tub, if you have one. A final idea is to introduce some plants to your bathroom. There are actually quite a few plants that will thrive in the natural humidity of a bathroom, making them a low-maintenance but stylish addition.

If you want an apartment home with built-in style and spacious bathrooms, then take a tour at Post House apartments in downtown Evansville. Our modern floor plans feature luxurious amenities and plenty of space, including studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom options. Come home to comfort and sleek design. Give us a call at (812)-308-4197.