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Working Your Wardrobe for Fall

Summer is coming to an end, and you may be looking in your closet and wondering what to do. The temperatures are going to stay warm for a while, but that doesn’t mean you should keep wearing your tropical prints and strappy sandals. At Post House, our spacious apartments in Evansville, Indiana feature excellent closet space to store all of your wardrobe essentials. However, there’s no need to put away your favorite summer clothes just yet. Instead, check out these tips for mixing and matching to create functional fall looks without surrendering all of your summer flair.

#1: Layers

This one is super easy. Many summer pieces can make it easily into your fall outfits with an added layer. This will disguise the fact that maybe your shirt or dress is sleeveless. It’s also nice because you can add or subtract a layer as the temperature continues to fluctuate. Some favorite layering pieces include:
• Lightweight sweaters (switch it up with a variety of lengths)
• Denim jackets
• Blazers
• Tights/leggings

#2: Textures

One of the bonuses of fall is getting to wrap up in cozy textures. You can make nearly any look fall-appropriate with some of those comfortable items. If you’re not sure what to grab, here are some favorite fall textures:
• Leather
• Suede
• Anything knit (especially cable knit)
• Velvet

#3: Colors

One thing you should put away from summer is your super bright colors and patterns. To guarantee a smoother transition, hold onto anything that will blend in with common fall colors, such as:
• Beige/brown/tan
• Darker shades of green
• Navy/darker shades of blue
• Deep purples
• Deep reds
• White/cream/ivory

#4: Accessories

This tip is one of the easiest to accomplish. You can keep an entire outfit from summer with the right accessories. You can start with a simple base like a t-shirt or t-shirt dress. Then give it a fall twist with some simple accessories. Some favorites include:
• Scarves
• Boots
• Bold, chunky jewelry
• Leather belts
• Vests

Find room for all of your summer and fall favorites and everything in between at Post House. Our Evansville, Indiana apartments include 7 different floor plans to fit your needs. Even our studio layout includes an ample closet. Call us today to find out more and schedule a tour: (812)-308-4197.