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Festive Holiday Decorations

The holidays are fast approaching, and you may be wondering how to decorate your space to maximize fun, minimize clutter, and just keep it festive! Sometimes you're lucky enough to have plenty of space, like the generous floor plans at Post House. Our apartments in Evansville, Indiana include a wide variety of layout options to fit your needs. But if you're unsure how to make the most of what you have, here are some tips for holiday decorating in an apartment!

#1: Fabric Swap

This is a super easy one to accomplish, and you may already have the supplies to do it. Take a look around and see where you may have stowed some cozy winter blankets with festive prints on them. Instead of hiding them in a trunk, take them out and use them as throw blankets on your chairs and sofas. They take up no space at all, and they add a sense of warmth to the space. To keep it cohesive, you may want to invest in a few new fleece throws if your current blankets are too bright or busy. You can also incorporate some cloth napkins, table runners, or tablecloths. Minimal space, maximum effect.

#2: Choose for Functionality

You may be wondering how decorations can also be functional items at a party, but that's not the case! There are lots of opportunities to tum festive touches into helpful party decorations. One of the easiest ways is to make edible centerpieces. You get the decor and your guests can enjoy food without taking up precious table space. Some ideas to get you started are a “charcute-tree” (charcuterie in the shape of a pine tree), a tear-and-share edible wreath (stuffed bread wreath), or glass vases/bowls filled with festive candies and treats. Another festive-and-functional option is your dinnerware. Get some paper plates, napkins, andlor cups with themed prints. Plus, that will save you some cleanup afterward!

#3: Cool Colors

Take this tip in a literal sense. Although many holiday palettes trend towards warm colors, like red, you'll be much better off using cool colors because they make your space look more open. If you're confused about how to make this happen, think a little less “holiday” and a little more inter wonderland,” Pale blue, white, crystals, and fake snow are your friends. They'll keep things light, bright, and open at your party.

#4: Look Up

Not every decoration has to live on a surface like a table or counter. Plenty of decorations will look much better (and take up much less space) if you can hang them up high. There are some obvious options, like streamers, banners, or twinkle lights. You can also get creative with ‘ornaments hung from clear fishing line so they look like they're floating or paper lantems or snowflakes that are light enough to be hung with some more fishing line and a little sticky tack. When in doubt, always use something that will keep your walls and ceiling intact, like command hooks, sticky tack, or other easily removable adhesives.

#5: Use What You Have

You may find it easiest to look around your space and find decorations you already have that could just use a dash of holiday cheer. If you already have floral arrangements, add a floral spike featuring some snowy sparkle. If you have a mantelpiece that already has pieces on top you like, just spruce it up a bit with twinkle lights or some garland. You can even be a little whimsical and silly and pop a holiday hat on top of a statue you have. Remember that less can be more, and work with what you have first.

If you're looking for Evansville, Indiana apartments that have the right space for any holiday get-together, then visit Post House Apartments. With 20 unique floor plans in a prime downtown location, we have everything you need to feel at home this holiday season. Give us a call:812-308-4197.