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Post House Apartments Embrace Sustainability

Did you know that in addition to premium amenities, the Post House apartment community includes a living laboratory for energy efficiency and green living? It’s one of the many features that make Post House an exciting place to live.

Living Research Center

The Urban Living Research Center at Post House is designed for the introduction and testing of new technologies – especially smart devices connected to the “Internet of Things” – urban living spaces.

The center will help researchers set design standards for future products and multi-family housing, based on their real-time analysis of energy usage. So while you’re enjoying the comforts of Post House, you’re also contributing to a brighter, smarter, more energy-efficient future.

Energy-Efficiency Included

Post House apartments and common areas are energy-efficient by design. Solar panels, energy storage, mobile-connected devices, exclusive LED outdoor theatre screen, smart appliances, and Nest thermostats in select units all contribute to energy efficiency, a reduced carbon footprint, and responsible, purposeful living.

Energy-Saving Tips

Looking for a way to further reduce your carbon footprint? When using your in-home washer dryer at Post House, wash only full loads and select the cold water setting. About 90 percent of the energy used to wash clothes is gobbled up by heating the water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Save water and energy when washing the dishes. Modern dishwashers are able to clean dishes that are simply scraped clean beforehand – it’s not necessary to rinse the dishes first. Run the dishwasher only when it has a full load and use the air-dry option.

You’re Going to Love it Here

Post House offers the best in Evansville, Indiana, apartment living: upscale amenities, downtown convenience, and green technology. Your home is waiting. Call today to live well, beautifully, and responsibly at Post House.