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Turn Ordinary Items into Extraordinary Decor

If you’re looking for a creative way to update your apartment decor, look no further than upcycling. Repurposing old or unused items gives you one-of-a-kind home accessories that complement your overall design scheme.

At Post House, your chic and spacious apartment is the perfect setting for your upcycled decor! Need upcycling inspiration? We’ve got some ideas for you.

Discarded Clothing Into Pillows

Outgrown your formerly favorite sweater? Love that band T-shirt, but not the frayed hem? With a little simple stitching, you can still enjoy old clothes long after they’ve been retired from wear. Decide on the dimensions you’d like, stuff with pillow fill or an uncovered throw pillow, and sew up the sides.

Almost Anything Into a Clock

With clock conversion kits, you can turn almost anything with a flat surface into a distinctive wall or table clock. Old vinyl albums or album covers, picture frames, or hardback book covers can easily be converted into clocks.

Wine Rack Into a Towel Rack

This “project” doesn’t even require any DIY skills unless you'd like a fresh coat of paint! Move that wine rack out of the kitchen and into the bathroom for a fresh way to store and display your towels and washcloths. Simply roll instead of folding, and always have a clean towel close at hand.

Bookcase Into a Bar Cart

Looking for a functional and stylish way to show off your barware? Repurpose a short bookcase to create a bar cabinet or bar cart. Add glass racks to the underside of shelves to hold your stemware, and add caster wheels to the bottom to create a rolling cart.

Stepladder Into a Plant Display

A low wooden stepladder is easy to transform into an indoor plant display. Use wood planks – balanced, stabilized, and fastened to the steps of the opened ladder – to act as shelves for your plant pots.

Old Suitcase Into a Side Table

Looking for a real conversation piece in your living room or bedroom? Attach legs to a vintage piece of luggage with a flat top for a real showstopper of a side table.

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