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With bicycle commuting gaining popularity in the last few years, commuters are finding it’s a great way to stay active, reduce their carbon footprint, and save on transportation costs. Located in the heart of downtown Evansville, Post House makes it easy for cyclists to commute to and from work, and our green technology initiative means cyclists looking to reduce their environmental impact will feel right at home. If you’re considering giving bicycle commuting a try, these tips will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Plan Your Route

Preparation is key to a successful bicycle commute, and one of the most important things to plan out is the route you’ll take from home to work. Keep traffic patterns, busy intersections, road conditions, and terrain in mind when planning your route. The best and safest commute may not be the most direct, so try a dry run of several routes before your first day commuting to see what works best for you.

Stay Alert

When sharing the road with drivers, safety needs to be first for cyclists. Make sure you’re following all traffic laws, and stay aware of your position and movement in relation to motor vehicles, pedestrians, and other cyclists. A safe cyclist is one who’s alert and aware of what’s happening on the road.

Dress Accordingly

Trying to decide if you should commute in your work clothes or change when you get to the office? It’s largely a matter of personal preference; if you keep a modest pace and don’t break a sweat, commuting in your work clothes probably makes sense. If you prefer to cycle more actively, bring a change of clothes so you can start your day ready for work. No matter what you choose to wear, make sure your cycling footwear is safe and sturdy; shoes are the easiest thing to change, and you can even keep a pair of work-appropriate shoes at the office.

Gear Up

There’s no need to go overboard outfitting yourself with a lot of expensive equipment when you first start bicycle commuting, but there are a few basics every cyclist should have on hand. A highly rated helmet and a heavy-duty lock are obvious necessities, but every bicycle commuter should also invest in headlights and reflectors, tire and chain repair kits (and make sure you know how to use them!), and racks, baskets, or panniers to give yourself a place to stash items safely.

A Bicycle Commuter’s Dream

With secure onsite bike storage and easy access to popular cycling routes, Post House is the perfect place for a bicycle commuter to call home. Our large bicycle garage has storage racks, a service station with air pumps, and it’s accessible to residents 24/7. Call us at (812) 308-4197 to set up a virtual or in-person tour and see why Post House is a great place to live!