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How to Split the Rent and Keep the Peace

When you want to live in an upscale apartment, sharing the costs with a roommate can be a great arrangement. Roommate situations have the potential to be stressful or even contentious, though, but with some preparation and a few key conversations, you should be able to cohabitate in harmony.

Designate Your Own Space

Nothing can fracture an otherwise amicable roommate relationship like clashing over shared spaces. Without somewhere to escape to, you might feel like you have no privacy. Avoid this kind of conflict by finding a floor plan that has large bedrooms, where each roommate can create their own personal space. Better yet, make sure you each have your own bathroom. Post House has two-bedroom/two-bathroom floor plans that give you plenty of personal space.

Have a Plan

Stories abound of roommates bickering about cleaning up, doing (or not doing) routine chores, and paying bills. While it may not be realistic to think that you and your roommate will automatically be on the same page about these things, there are some conversations you can have in the beginning to keep your household running smoothly down the line:

• Come up with an agreement about household chores, including whose responsibility certain tasks are, how often they need to get done, and what you both agree should happen if someone isn’t holding up their end of the bargain.

• Discuss common bills like renters insurance and electricity, whose name they’ll be in, and how payment will be handled.

• Establish clear rules about what is and is not for common usage, including food. A little clarity in advance can prevent a lot of passive-aggressive notes in the future!

• After moving in, keep the lines of communication open. It’s much easier to have a few small conversations when things start to go off-plan than it is to deal with a situation once it’s become contentious. Scheduling a monthly check-in might be a good way to preserve a good roommate relationship.

Figure Out Schedules

With so many big employers in the Evansville area, like Deaconess Health System and the University of Southern Indiana, you and your roommate may end up having different work (and sleep) schedules. If one or both of you work from home, talk about how to respect each other’s boundaries during work hours. You could also agree to use the Post House coworking center on alternating days, if you need some physical distance.

Luxury Living for Roommates

Post House’s spacious two-bedroom floor plans and state-of-the-art amenities give you the luxury, privacy, and convenience you’re looking for in a new apartment. Contact us now to see your new home: (812) 308-4197.