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Keeping Your Spirits Up This Season

The winter season can often be bittersweet. It’s cold and dark, so it’s often best to stay inside, all warm and cozy. That can be really nice and relaxing. But also, it’s cold and dark, so it keeps you inside away from beneficial sunlight, people, and many outdoor activities. That can all lead to a whopping case of the winter blues. If you’re a resident of Post House, our Evansville apartments provide a fun-filled community with plenty of amenities to keep you busy. In case you need some inspiration for what to do or just want to change things up, here are some ideas to keep the winter blues at bay!

#1: Stay Active

This one sounds harder than it is. There is a huge temptation to think that “stay active” means you have to do some kind of crazy long or intense workout every day. That is simply not the case. Of course, there are excellent benefits to working out every day, but any little bit helps. If you’re not one to hit the gym all that often, then consider something quiet and low-impact, like yoga or guided stretching. You can also find a wide range of options online to help you, including free videos and channels on YouTube. Another great activity is walking. Even a short walk around the block is good because you not only get some exercise but also get some fresh air and natural sunlight. If exercise is difficult for you, one final alternative is to really focus on eating healthy foods. It’s not the same as getting active, but it still goes a long way toward keeping your body happy and your weight under control.

#2: Find the Light

One of the toughest things about winter is the darkness, and depending on where you live, it could include the sun disappearing well before you sit down to eat dinner. Our bodies crave some natural light to keep our internal rhythms well-regulated. Of course, it’s not always easy to get outside in the winter, but there are still options. The easiest is to bundle up and brave the elements, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Another way is to make sure you spend some time near windows every day. That way, when the sun does make an experience, you’re in a prime spot to soak up every ray. A final option is to get a light therapy lamp, fondly known as a “happy lamp.” They provide light that helps you get that essential vitamin D boost and mimic the sun’s positive effects.

#3: Keep It Warm

There’s a reason we crave soup and cocoa and everything warm in winter: our bodies feel better when they’re warm. However, instead of relying on high-calorie food to fulfill this desire for warmth, try some alternatives. The Spruce has a great list of ways to stay warm in winter without cranking up the thermostat. Staying comfy and cozy will give you a mood boost. It also will help your body focus on fighting off pesky viruses and infections instead of spending precious energy trying to stay warm. So now is the time to go for that fuzzy wool blanket you’ve been thinking about!

#4: Time with People

Not everyone is a social butterfly, and that’s okay, but being around people has a strong effect on your mood. Isolation can really bring you down, especially in the winter when other favorite activities may not be accessible. You can opt for some super-social experiences, like a good trivia night, a concert, or a party with some friends. If you struggle with large groups but don’t want to be alone, consider treating yourself to some time at a local cafe or community center where you can sit and be around people without necessarily having to interact with them all that much.

#5: Discover Hobbies

Winter is the perfect time to dig into some new hobbies because new things are by their nature more exciting. You can try a new art form, like painting or drawing, or you could take up a daily meditation practice to help you relax and unwind. If you’re not looking to use up too much brain power figuring out what to do, then pick a hobby you’ve maybe neglected. Pick up a favorite book or pick up the phone and call an old friend. Another idea is to give back to others. It can give you a huge boost to know that what you’re doing is helping someone else, so consider a gift to a local charity or even start a fundraiser for a cause that’s near and dear to you.

#6: Maximize Your Home

Winter means more time at home, so you want a home that sets you up for success. One of the easiest ways to make that happen is to choose a home in an active and vibrant community. For example, the residents at Post House apartments enjoy access to many amenities that help them stay active and connected. Residents can visit a state-of-the-art fitness center that includes a yoga room, a coworking center complete with lounge areas, a wet bar, and conference rooms, or enjoy community-sponsored events.

If you’re looking for apartments for rent in Evansville, then come see us at Post House. We offer residents not only top amenities but also a prime downtown location in an innovative, sustainability-focused community. Call to learn more: 812-308-4197.