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Connect With Nature in the Heart of Downtown Evansville

You might not think an urban apartment community would be a place where you can enjoy ample green spaces, but Post House is so much more than you’d expect! A place to live, work, and play, Post House has abundant outdoor spaces for residents (and their pets!) to enjoy.

Whether you’re soaking up the sun or taking your dog to burn off some extra energy, you’ll love the oasis of green that Post House provides.

Relax in the Courtyard

The lush, spacious community courtyard park between Post House’s two buildings is an ideal place to relax and enjoy some time outside. And there’s plenty of space for social distancing and a game of Frisbee.

Hang by the Pool

At Post House, green spaces are found even in unexpected places – like a rooftop! Our elevated pool area includes green space perfect for outdoor yoga or just relaxing, overlooking our courtyard. So even when the pool is closed for the season, you can still enjoy the scenic views.

Take a Walk to the Dog Park

Our human residents aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy Post House’s outdoor spaces. Our private dog park gives your canine companion a green space of their own to enjoy while you supervise from our beautifully landscaped lawn.

Enjoy the Outdoors, Even From Inside

We know how important it is to stay connected with nature, even when you’re indoors. Many of our apartments feature large windows – especially our corner apartments, which have windows on two sides – so you can enjoy outside views while staying warm at home. Some apartments have private balconies with sliding glass doors.

A Modern Way to Live, Work, and Play

Looking for unmatched upscale living in downtown Evansville? You’ll love living at Post House. With state-of-the-art amenities and a variety of floor plans, Post House is the apartment community you’ve been waiting for. Call us to schedule your tour: (812) 308-4197.