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Make a Difference from the Comfort of Your Apartment

Working from home and being isolated from your friends and family for a long stretch of time can leave you craving social connections and new experiences. Volunteering can fulfill both those needs, even when volunteer opportunities are mostly virtual at the moment.

In Evansville and elsewhere, there are many volunteer roles that you can fulfill from your home office. Whether you’re making phone calls, helping organize data, or using your design skills to make materials for a nonprofit organization, you can do some good in the world without leaving your luxury apartment at Post House.

Find Opportunities Online

You may already know someone who’s looking for volunteers or who volunteers their time, but if you need help finding an opportunity, take a look at VolunteerMatch. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can set up your account to send you alerts when a volunteer role is posted that suits your interests.

The University of Southern Indiana also maintains a database of nonprofit organizations in the area. You might find something there that interests you!

Collect and Donate Items

Post House believes in “giving back” – that’s why we’ve previously held toy drives and donation drives around the holidays. Many food pantries and charities are struggling to meet demand right now, so you might be able to help with your own individual donation drive. Find a charity that interests you, and look at their website to see their “wishlist,” to make sure you’re collecting items that they need the most.

Find Outside Roles

As the weather warms up, there are usually opportunities for community clean-ups, tree-planting, gardening, and related activities. These roles let you interact with others but maintain a safe distance.

Share the News

Want to spread the word about organizations you’re involved with? Take a picture (if appropriate) and share it on Instagram. Document that tree you planted or the results of your food drive, and you might inspire others to get involved.

Live at Post House

If you’re seeking a new, modern, pet-friendly apartment home in Evansville with state-of-the-art amenities, underground parking, and a focus on community, Post House is the place for you! Call us at (812) 492-4460 to see your new apartment, either virtually or in-person.