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Mastering Remote Meetings

The past year has brought about many changes, but one of the biggest has been the remote meeting, often hosted on Zoom. Overnight, many employees were expected to do their jobs from home and appear on camera as needed for meetings. Well, not everyone was (or is) camera-ready. That’s where these tips come in. Time to perfect your on-camera setup!

Lighting Is Everything

Before you worry about what you’re wearing or where to sit, you have to set up your lighting to be as flattering as possible.

1. Start with a room that has either good natural light or good overhead light. If you’re working from Post House, you’ll already have LED lighting from modern light fixtures.
2. Set up a video camera or camera in roughly the position you’d use for meetings so you can check out your angles.
3. Invest in a ring light. Ring lights are a magic tool used by photographers and videographers to evenly light someone’s face.
4. Position the ring light so that it is directed at your face. Many ring lights are designed to attach easily to your phone or laptop.

You may be wondering why you should buy a special light. Ring lights can keep you from looking washed-out or tired and will enhance your overall personal presentation.

Digital Backgrounds for Added Personality

If you dread the idea of cleaning up your meeting space or want to be a little quirkier, you can have lots of fun with digital backgrounds. Here are a few ways to get started.

1. For Zoom, you can play with a variety of digital backgrounds by choosing your own image. Zoom also provides step-by-step instructions for the process.
2. For Google Meet, you can use backgrounds provided by Google Meet or choose your own image. Again, it’s a simple switch, and Google has a guide to set up your background.
3. For most webcam platforms, you can try Snap Camera. This resource is best for fun and funny filters for more casual meetings or virtual meetups. Snap Camera has a great FAQ page to guide you.

Change of Scenery

Digital backgrounds may sound a little too casual for your style. If that’s the case, then there are some fast ways to change it up.

1. Update what’s behind you. This is easy to achieve if you start with a bookcase or shelf. Then you can change out what’s on the shelf any time you’d like.
2. Add in some organic features, like some succulents, a vase of flowers, or a bonsai tree. This can be a seasonal change to keep things interesting.
3. Change your location entirely. If you have a mobile ring light, then why not set it up in a fun outdoor or indoor space? Post House is designed for you to live, work, and play, so you could move to one of many functional and sleek shared areas.

There are plenty of different spaces and places for you to broadcast from at Post House. You could make your way to the coworking area, covered outdoor seating, or cozy up in your apartment. It’s all waiting for you at Post House, so give us a call for your virtual or in-person tour today: (812) 308-4197.