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History in Evansville

What exactly makes Evansville, Indiana so special? Maybe you’re looking to move to Evansville or maybe you already live here and want to know more about your area. Either way, this city has a rich history that makes it a unique place to settle and a great place to grow. After all, it is the third-largest city in Indiana and sits right along the Ohio River. It also has some surprising history to boast.

#1: The Name

Evansville was named after Colonel Robert M. Evans. Colonel Evans had served in the War of 1812, and the founder of Evansville, Hugh McGary, chose this name as an homage to the great war hero. The War of 1812 was important for the United States. The U.S. successfully pushed back the British and other forces. This was an important test for the country at that time since it wasn’t long after the Revolutionary War. Col. Evans was also a local legislator in Gibson County.

#2: Waterways

Waterways played a great role in developing cities across the nation. That is why so many successful settlements started near rivers and lakes, especially if those bodies of water were connected. It created opportunities for travel and transportation of goods. Evansville is situated in an ideal location along the Ohio River. In fact, Evansville was once an integral part of the Wabash and Erie Canal. This vast canal stretched over 460 miles from Lake Erie to the Ohio River in Evansville. This important development helped Evansville expand and thrive. Now, anyone who lives in Evansville can enjoy walks and parks that line the Ohio River and still enhance the city to this day.

#3: Ancient Civilization

Did you know that Evansville is located near one of the most unique archeological sites in North America? Angel Mounds State Park is just a 15-minute drive from Evansville. Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites describes it as “one of the best-preserved, pre-contact Native American sites in North America. Built between A.D. 1000 and 1450, the town was occupied by more than 1,000 people who were part of the Mississippian culture, and included earthen mounds built to elevate important buildings.” When you visit, you can not only view the earthen mounds but also enjoy miles of beautiful trails. When you live in Evansville, you can keep close to some of America’s oldest history.

#4: A Historic Figure

Evansville, Indiana is more than a city or its nearby geographical features. It has also been home to some important people over the years. One such person is Albion Fellows Bacon. She was a woman who advocated tirelessly for adequate public housing. After encountering appalling conditions in some local slums, she went on to be a part of four different campaigns for improved legislation for housing practices. According to Britannica, “she helped organize the Indiana Housing Association, which successfully pushed through a new bill of statewide application in 1913...She was also instrumental in the passage in 1917 of a law authorizing the condemnation of unsafe or unsanitary dwellings.” Thanks to the efforts of Albion Fellows Bacon and others like her, building tenants today can enjoy not only safe and sanitary housing but also innovative and beautiful housing like the apartments at Post House.

#5: Architecture

Evansville is also home to some top Victorian architecture. There are two buildings downtown that boast some unique features from this turn-of-the-century era. The first is the Court House, which was finished in 1890. It is also known as the Old Vanderburgh County Court House. Next up is the U.S. Customs House and Post Office. This stunning building was finished in the late 1870s and has a highly-detailed exterior.

Post House features updated and innovative apartments in downtown Evansville, Indiana, but we also take pride in staying connected to our local history and our neighborhood. We are named after the Old Post Office, and our floor plans are also named in its honor. We feature signage and branding that connects us to our historic past while our apartment homes include features from the future. Are you ready to come home to Post House in Evansville? Then give us a call at (821)-308-4197.