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Cleaning with a Purpose
At Post House, our apartments in Evansville, IN are built with sustainability in mind, and green options are becoming more and more popular around the world. From electric cars to reusable products, the world is working towards being more mindful of our waste and what we put into our bodies and our living spaces. Want to know how to bring this sustainable mindset home? Or just save money on expensive cleaning products and treatments? Then check out these tips for some easy-to-find and eco-friendly cleaning options for your rug or floor!

Floor Cleaning
Want to clean your hardwood or plank floor without relying on strong chemicals? Try these simple steps to success.

#1: Make a fun and reusable mop! You start with something called a Cuban mop. It’s essentially a long, cylindrical wooden handle with another short wooden cylinder that attaches at the bottom. You may be wondering how this could possibly be a mop. However, the next part is the most fun! Instead of having to buy a fancy mop attachment or deal with a stringy, dirty mop head, you simply take a towel, dip into your cleaning product of choice, and wrap it around the bottom of the Cuban bar mop. You’ll get a more consistent texture from the towel, and it’s easy to clean and reuse.

#2: Try this easy mix for a cleaning solution that’s safe for vinyl flooring!
1 cup of white vinegar
½ tsp olive oil
One gallon warm water

#3: One Green Planet came up with a great recipe for a “Natural Alternative to Pine-Sol”!
1 tbsp unscented liquid castile soap
4 cups warm water
10-15 drops pine essential oil
1 sprig of rosemary (if desired)

Rug Cleaning
Rugs are a great way to add charm and warmth to your living space. But what happens when they get an unsightly stain or start to smell downright funky? Here are some options to bring your rug back to life.

#1: If you have a small stain, then try this simple mix for a carpet stain remover.
1 part white vinegar
1 part water
That’s it! Mix the vinegar and water together in a spray bottle, spray the stain, and wait 5 minutes. Then take a little scrub brush and warm soapy water and give it a scrub!

#2: If you have a particularly stubborn or set-in rug stain, then try this DIY steam treatment. You will need:
White vinegar
Clean, cotton cloth (like a white t-shirt)
An iron on the “steam” setting
All you have to do is give the carpet a spray of vinegar and then put the cloth on top. Take your iron and do slow circles around the area. Do NOT let it just sit there on the stain. Enjoy the results!

#3: Does your rug have a bit of a smell to it? The solution is easy, and you may already have the key ingredient: baking soda! Give your rug a quick vacuum, sprinkle the stinky spot or the whole rug with baking soda, let it sit. The recommendation is at least two hours for the best results. Vacuum up the baking soda and enjoy the new-found freshness.

If you want to live green in a space that’s already clean, modern, and cozy, then take a tour at Post House. Our apartments for rent in downtown Evansville feature top amenities like new luxury vinyl plank flooring, quartz countertops, and designer tile backsplashes. Some units also come equipped with a Nest thermostat. Call (812)-308-4197 to learn more!