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Finding New Spaces in Your Apartment
If you choose to live in an apartment, you may be concerned about finding space for everything you want to store. If you choose downtown Evansville apartments, then you’ll want to find room to bring home purchases from the many local retail locations or find room to store outdoor gear for exploring the beautiful riverfront. However, there are plenty of ways to maximize the place you choose, including studio floor plans like the ones at Post House. Take a look at these tips for making your space work for you!

#1: Hide it in plain sight
One of the best ways to make your space work for you is to hide what you need but keep it accessible at the same time. For example, look for an ottoman that has built-in storage. This is a great place to keep some common things you’ll need in a living space, like some throw blankets or extra pillows.

#2: Think multipurpose
When you pick out your furniture, you can make it work in more than one way. One common trick is to make your sofa table more than just that. Pick a sofa table that can sit behind your couch to provide a spot for lamps and maybe a plant but also look for one that has a built-in shelf or cabinets. Now you have another spot to keep books, coasters, candles, and more.

#3: Trick the eye
One concern about apartments is adding things that make them feel smaller. You can still enjoy adding all of the decorative touches you want to your apartment. But there is a way to play tricks with the eye. The best way is to keep uninterrupted sightlines, especially when there are doors and windows involved. This will make your rooms feel more open and light.

#4: Get crafty with cabinets
Kitchen cabinets can fill up super quickly, but there are some easy ways to make that space go even further than you think. One way is to use a spice rack organizer that fits into a drawer or into a cabinet to create extra shelves that aren’t there already. Another fun hack is to get a short tension rod and put it in one of your lower cabinets to make a simple rack to hang things one, like spray bottles for your cleaning supplies.

#5: Get ready to roll
You want your home to be both organized and functional, and a great way to add extra organization and functionality is with a cart. You can opt to get a taller cart with shelf storage that can serve as a kind of island for your kitchen with storage for large appliances below. You can choose a fashionable bar cart to keep between the kitchen and living space and use it to store extra glassware so it doesn’t take up precious cabinet space.

#6: Simple but special
You can trick the eye with more than sightlines. Another way to make a space feel more spacious is with streamlined furniture. Think clean lines and solid fabrics. Less complicated furniture will automatically take up less space. Another fun tactic is to go for a monochromatic color palette. This will avoid the feeling of “clutter” being everywhere.

#7: Up your hanger game
Closets are notorious for becoming pits of jumbled items. To avoid this common trap, try a different kind of hanger. There are several styles that help you organize pesky small items, like belts and scarves. You can also opt for specialized hangers that layer up to five hangers on one base hanger. This keeps the bulk going down instead of sideways, giving you back precious space on your closet bars.

#8: Don’t just table it
A table is a table, right? Not exactly. If you get clever with your “tables,” they can do more than just provide a spot for lamps and remotes. Remember that ottoman with storage? You can get it to serve three functions with one easy addition: a tray. Now the ottoman can store things, provide a spot for feet, or convert into a table for drinks and plates with a tray on top. There are also nesting tables. They fit together when you only need one table and pull out easily to provide you with extra surfaces when you want.

#9: Score a basket
You don’t have to ditch fashion for function. You can have both with woven or wicker baskets. You can choose colors and styles that fit your decor but then fill them with whatever you want. Have a bunch of gloves, hats, and scarves? Put them in a cute basket, and they will be there when you need them but blend in when you don’t.

#10: Mix utility and art
Do you own an absurd number of necklaces or ties? But do they also live in a tangled mass in a drawer or bin? You can turn that collection into a free piece of art and get some storage space back at the same time. It’s as easy as putting up some hooks on a wall. Arrange the hooks to make a pattern or scatter them tastefully. Now you can show off your collection in a fun way and keep it all accessible when you’re ready to accessorize in the morning.

Whether you’re an expert at space-saving or need a little help, you can find what you need at Post House. Our floor plans feature a variety of amenities that will maximize your space without any extra work. Even our studio floor plans already feature excellent storage, like a large pantry and large closet. Ready to come home to more in our apartments in Evansville? Then call us at (812)-308-4197.