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Adding Flair to Your Displays
It is such an exciting feeling when all of your furniture is finally in your new place. But sometimes your heart can sink when you look at the big, beautiful bookshelf or shelving you picked and realize you have to put things on it. New spaces give you new opportunities, and there’s no reason to panic. If you’re lucky, you’ll already have some inspiration from your apartment. At Post House, our Evansville apartments already feature unique touches like modern lighting and industrial elements. If you’re still not sure, here are some ways to take your shelves to the next level!

#1: Start at the Back
It can be tempting to think that only books and dimensional things belong on your shelves. However, to get the most out of your shelf and bookshelf space, consider flat things that you can arrange vertically. Some super easy examples include small pieces of art or anything in a small frame. Do you have a collection of posters? That would work, too. This will make sure anything you place in front also pops and doesn’t look too small in that space.

#2: Like with Like
Everyone is different, and so are the things they like to buy. You may already have a bunch of fun accent items to use, but before you go putting them just anywhere, pull them all out and look at them. Is there a way to group them? It doesn’t have to be by color but rather by theme. For example, if you have a lot of Boho-style items, they would make a nice natural group.

#3: Odd Groups
When you have multiples of an item, you may think it’s most natural to make things look symmetrical, but you actually add more visual interest by using odd numbers to make groups. Three, five, and seven in a group are good, but don’t go higher than that because you want to avoid it starting to look like a display shelf in a store instead of a display shelf in your home.

#4: Ups and Downs
Once you’ve got your groups figured out, then it’s time to have some fun with heights. You have the back covered with fun vertical pieces, but in front make sure you play with different heights and widths. Pair a taller, skinny vase with a short wide bowl or a medium basket with a small statue.

#5: Collect It
Are you a collector? But do you worry that your collection is too “out there”? Set aside that fear because your shelves and bookshelves are a great place to show off that quirky side. If you collect rocks or seashells, they make a great filler for clear vases and bowls. If you collect coins, then you can get a framed coin display case to use as one of those back, vertical items. Your home should look like you, so put yourself out there.

#6: Building Layers
Let’s be honest. Sometimes you have a piece that you absolutely love but it just doesn’t fit where you need it. Never fear! You have some options. A great way to add different shapes and heights is through layering. Some of the best bases are books and magazines. Make a strategic stack to give your cute cat figurine a little boost so he can stand out on the shelf.

#7: Fun and Function
Another common concern about shelves and bookshelves is that they take away too much of your functional space, but that does not have to be the case. You can use your shelves as another place to put what you need, not just what you love. Do you need a place for your remotes? A cute basket on the shelf solves that quickly. Do you have too many mugs for the cabinet? Try a fun mug tree and put it on a shelf.

If you need apartments in Evansville, then you should take the time to tour Post House. We can help take the worry out of your decorating with sleek and stylish floor plans. We combine vintage, industrial elements with a modern, minimalist sensibility that makes a perfect backdrop for anything you want to add. Ready to find out more? Then call our leasing office at (812)-308-4197.