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Finding Lighting

After you’ve moved into your new apartment home, one of the first things you want to do is put your unique stamp on the space. You want everyone to know that this is your home, not just a random apartment. You may have found options for furniture, colors, pictures, and more. Then you realize something is missing. What about the lighting? You’ll likely have some lighting provided. At Post House, our apartments for rent in Evansville, Indiana feature modern LED light fixtures. However, you may want some more lighting options for different places or different moods you want to set. Here are some creative ways to add flair with lamps!

Table and Wall Lamps

Table and wall lamps are one of the easiest lighting options because they are smaller and can fit in multiple locations around your home. Bookshelves, tables, and counters can gain an extra flair with the right light. Check out some fun options that will not only provide light but also a distinctive style!

  • Modern-industrial lamps - These table lamps are fun because they don’t hide the bulb beneath a shade. You can pick out different bulb colors, shapes, and styles.
  • Posable wooden lamp- This lamp is a quirky option. You can pose the wooden “neck” and “legs” to make your lamp look like it’s reading, relaxing, or thinking!-This lamp is a quirky option. You can pose the wooden “neck” and “legs” to make your lamp look like it’s reading, relaxing, or thinking!
  • All glass lamp - Move away from traditional lamp materials with this all-glass option. It comes in different colors, and turning the light on will create a colorful glow through the glass.
  • Waving grass lamp - Take a step up from the standard shade with a lamp like this that features a subtle print of waving grasses. It will give your lighting a Zen, natural feeling.
  • Flowering tree lamp - Gain light and a piece of art with this lamp shaped like a tree. The flowering buds light up to give off an ethereal glow.
  • Crow wall or table lamp - This lamp is definitely different, but it can be a real conversation starter. The crow can be positioned to work on the wall or on a table while playfully dangling a light from its beak.
    *Elegant crystal lamp-For a touch of elegance, try this lamp. Its crystal shade will remind you of a high-end vase, but it gains more use as a lamp when the crystals glow from the inside out.
  • Modular wall lights - Have some extra fun with these touch-activated lights. They come separated so you can move them around to make different shapes and designs on your wall, making them a cross between art and lighting.
  • Wooden book lamp - Make your book nook extra alluring with this optical lighting illusion. A wooden cover hides delicate pages that open and light up from the inside out. It can also be displayed closed, partially opened, or opened in a full circle formation.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can seem like a trickier lighting choice because you have to decide where to position them. However, they make great additions in corners or at the ends of tables to provide some gentle, indirect lighting or perfect reading lighting. They also come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, so explore some options below!

  • Origami Crane Lamp- Make your visitors do a double-take with this modern and special floor lamp. The origami cranes perch delicately at the top and provide a good, strong light source.
  • Crystal burst lamp - This delicate lamp with bursts of lit crystals at the top will add a unique lighting effect to your home. It also has more organic lines, which is different from average lamps.
  • Ball lamps - These lamps are especially unique. They are perfect spheres that light up and can be placed in several different places. They will also change up your lighting effects because the light will be coming from the ground up instead of from the top down.
  • Tripod Studio Lamp - If you want to add some retro vibes to your design, this is the lamp for you. It looks just like a light from an old-time movie set.
  • Curvy Bubbles Lamp - This lamp has a touch of whimsy with a drift of spheres that spiral up to the top. It is closer to classic floor lamps with a traditional base and materials, but the design makes it stand out.
  • Modern Curved Lamp with Table -Instead of a stand with a light attached, the top of the stand is the light in this multi-functional lamp. The bottom half also features a small table.
  • Gold Lamp with Table - This lamp is definitely a more classic shape, but the gold finish and addition of a table give it added appeal.
  • Crystal Drips Lamp - You can enjoy light bouncing from the crystals of this lamp. It also has three hanging bulbs to give you plenty of light.
  • Twisted Rattan Lamp -Trick the eye with this woven rattan lamp. The rattan has a subtle twist, and the light offers a gentle glow from the interior.

Would you rather save time shopping for lighting? Start with the perfect inspiration at Post House. Our apartments for rent in downtown Evansville, Indiana already include modern LED light fixtures complemented by quartz countertops, designer tile backsplashes, and luxury vinyl plank flooring. Are you ready to come home to our unmatched amenities? Call us today at (812)-308-4197.