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A Picnic to Remember

As the weather warms and the sunshine beckons, you may be considering an outdoor excursion like a picnic. This is especially true if you live in an ideal location like the Post House apartments in Evansville. However, what about the logistics? How do you make sure your picnic isn’t derailed by soggy food or nowhere to sit? Here are some ideas to keep your picnic planning on point!

#1: Pick the Spot

You can’t have a proper picnic without a good location. Some things to consider are seating and weather conditions. For seating, you’ll want to decide if you’d like to sit on the ground or at a table. Pro tip: pick a location that offers both options. That way, if the ground is a little too soggy, you don’t have to cancel or worry about ruining your tablecloth or blanket. For weather, you’ll need to think through if you want to have the picnic even if it rains a bit. There’s nothing wrong with a picnic in the rain if you come prepared. You could bring a beach umbrella you could anchor in the ground or you could pick a park or outdoor area that offers free shelters with tables. If you live near downtown Evansville, you have plenty of public parks to choose from and also the stunning riverfront area. Multiple park areas along the river also feature playgrounds for any younger picnic attendees.

#2: Plan the Setup

Before you even think about your delicious picnic food, you have to pick the setup that best meets your needs. If you’ll have to take a bit of a hike to get to your location, then you’ll want to pick a simple setup that’s easily transported. A good plan would be to bring a thick outdoor blanket and a minimal number of utensils. You may even consider using camping containers because they’re already designed to be streamlined and easy to transport. If your picnic is happening close to where you plan to park, then you can add some more flair. You can go with a blanket or tablecloth. Some kind of covering is always a good idea in case your seating or table are a little dirty. You can also bring some simple seating, like little camping chairs or cushions to lounge on. If you’re looking to create extra ambiance, you can also bring mason jars and fill them with flowers or candles. Pro tip: go with scented citronella candles to keep any pesky bugs at bay. Worried about the sun? Either pick a spot with natural shade from a tree, a shelter, or repurpose a beach umbrella to give you some coverage.

#3: Create the Menu

What’s a picnic without food? Picnics are made to be a kind of outdoor feast, but you’ll want to think through what you can transport easily and what will last outside for an extended period of time. For cold items, you’ll need a cooler. The best ratio for your cooler is three-quarters food and one quarter ice or ice packs. Pro tip: bigger ice packs or bigger chunks of ice will stay colder longer. The best cold items to bring are beverages and maybe some fruits or cheeses. Try to avoid other kinds of dairy, like anything mayo-based or yogurt-based. Those kinds of items will sour quickly in the sun. You can avoid a cooler almost altogether with some other clever snacks. Many preserved meats, nuts, fruits, crackers, and vegetables can all survive easily without the fridge. Pro tip: keep your setup simple by arranging everything on a charcuterie board. It provides an easy surface for all of the food and will keep your picnic looking trendy and fun.

#4: Consider Entertainment

You’ve got the setup and you’ve got the food, but you don’t want your picnic to end abruptly as soon as everyone finishes snacking. You have a few options for keeping everyone entertained. If you have adults and children in attendance, you may want to go back to considering the location. A nearby playground is built-in fun for kids. If you have mostly adults or just adults who enjoy having fun, there are options like frisbee, pickle ball, bocce ball, or corn hole. Looking for something that will encourage guests to talk and get to know one another? Try a fun deck of cards that’s all about conversation starters. There are plenty of themed packs like date night, family night, and more.

#5: Packing Things

Once you have all of your plans laid out, it’s time to pack it up! The goal here is to minimze the stress and maximize the fun. You don’t have to go with a traditional basket. Instead, use whatever makes your life easier. A good setup may be a cooler for the cold items and a basket, plastic tub, or backpack will work to carry utensils, cups, and the blanket or tablecloth. Pro tip: as you pack, pack in reverse. Whatever you will set out last should go into the container first. A good example would be cups in first, then utensils, napkins, plates, and the blanket or tablecloth last. Now when you go to set up, the first thing you need is right on top.

Do you want an apartment community that makes it easy to picnic close to home? Check out Post House. Our downtown Evansville apartments already feature community spaces and amenities ideal for a picnic, like a covered outdoor seating area, a dog park, and a community courtyard with seating. When you’re ready to learn more, give us a call at (812)-308-4197.